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The Association of the Peasants of Fondwa (APF) is a national organization with the mission: to empower the local grassroots organizations to create wealth in their communities. APF started in Fondwa in 1988 and is now working throughout the country to establish Local Development Committees (LDCs) in all 572 rural communities to rebuild Haiti from the ground up. Currently, APF has 33 LDCs in 6 Departments including the Artibonite Valley, Central Plateau, South-East, South and Grand’Anse and one small group in each of the other five states. If you want to participate in the reconstruction of Haiti, you can get involved with us and we will give you the tools to do so.

Pull rural Haiti out of poverty and free from economic dependence

Develop strategies to rebuild Haiti from the ground up through the LDC ( Local Development Committee) at the Communal Section level. We assist the Local Grassroots Organizations to identify existing resources in their community, to add values to them in order to create job and business opportunities for the development of the community and for everyone in the community


provide Accounting services to local grassroots org and to small business owners in rural Haiti


APF Special products: LDC - investment package to farmers to create wealth in their home communities

Small businesses

Promote public and private partnership at the lowest level of public administration

Local Development Committee

Develop strategies to rebuild Haiti from the ground up through the LDC