APF Local Radio Program

Our APF Local Radio Program (Radyo Zetwal) is one of the tools that we have been using since 1996 to provide information to the people, to educate them and to invite them to share their knowledge and experience with one another. It’s also a way to give them a voice in the society, to express themselves and to participate in the reconstruction of Haiti.

We want also to use radio station as the basis to organize Fondwa as the Wi-Fi City and a way to develop an internet hub station in the Community so that we can use the technology to get connected to the world and to provide more services to the people. Actually the Radio Station ( Radyo Zetwal) is located at the Campus of the University of Fondwa where we have a minimum access to energy, internet and the University Community ( teachers and students). Actually the needs of the Radio Station are many. In terms of funds available: equipments and other resources including international volunteers who can help us to reach our goals and objectives for the Radio Station.

If you want to join us also in this program, please let us know about it and we will send more information to you. Thanks a lot in advance for willing to get involved with APF in the rebuilding up of the country