Our LDC Program

APF Local Development Committee Program (APF LDC Program).This is a tool to rebuild the country from the ground up through the Communal Sections and the Local Grassroots Organizations. In order to set up the APF LDC Program, we work together with the Local Authorities (KAZEK and AZEK), with the professionals living in the community and the local grassroots organizations in the Community. The LDC is formed with those three entities. We bring them together to create the LDC whose mission is to identify existing resources in the community that can create wealth (Jobs and business opportunities) for everyone in the community. The way we accomplish that, is by selecting three High School Graduates from the community and send them to the University of Fondwa to study Veterinarian-Medicine, Agronomy and Business Management and to send them back home after graduation to work with the LDC members to create wealth in their home communities. This is also a way to provide three specialists to work permanently in each Communal section of Haiti. The APF LDC Program is a powerful program that can help us to break the cycle of poverty and economic dependence in Haiti. If you want to join us also in this Program, please let us know about it and we will send more information to you. Thanks a lot in advance for willing to get involved with APF in the rebuilding up of the country