APF Health Care Program

APF Health Care Program is one of the first Priorities of APF. We started with this program in 1991 with a Volunteer Haitian Physician who came once a month to Fondwa to provide health care services to the people. During that time we did have also, some medical groups from the US who came once-in-awhile and worked with us for few days or for a week. In 1994, Sr. Marie-Carmelle Voltaire joined us as a Nurse and as the Director of the APF Health Care Program. In 2006, she was assisted by Miss Kerline Thermozier.

In 2010, our clinic facilities were destroyed during the devastating earthquake and Sr. Carmelle passed away in 2012. Since that time, Sr. Claudette Prévot was appointed as the Administrator of the Fondwa Clinic.

In 2017 with the help of Caritas Italiana in Haiti and APF USA, we started to rebuild the Fondwa Clinic with a limited Budget of US 190 K US out of US $ 1M2 needed. We have built already the foundations of the Clinic and one operational room. In the new Clinic Facility to be, we will have space to welcome patients, a small pharmacy, a space for maternity, for dental care, eye care and a surgical room. We will have also an apartment for the Fondwa Sisters who work in the Administration of the Fondwa Clinic and the APF Campus. There will be space available equally to host Visiting Physicians who would like to stay with us for a couple of days. Since 2016 we have Dr. Elizabeth Brea Ferrari who joined us as the Director of the APF Healthcare Program. She brings with her 30 years of experience in the medical field from Venezuela and Canada. She was born and studied in Venezuela. She is a General Practitionner and a Gynecologyst. Dr. Elisabeth has a master degree in hospital management. With Dr. Elisabeth’s assistance, the APF Healthcare Program will be extended soon to the other rural areas in Haiti through the APF LDCs. But actually, our main need is to find financial support to complete the construction of the Fondwa Clinic. If you want to join us also in this project, please let us know about it and we will send more information to you. Thanks a lot in advance for willing to get involved with us.