APF Construction Program

Fondwa was the epicenter of the 2010 Earthquake. 75% all of the Fondwa buildings were destroyed during that year and APF has lost everything. As a response to that, APF has set up a Construction Office in order to assist the Fondwa residents to build resilient houses safer and stronger, houses with international standards which can resist earthquake and hurricane. In that sense, right after the earthquake, APF did organize some training for construction workers in the area. We do have also a small plant to make Concrete Vibrating Blocks. In 2012, we have opened also a Construction Store in the Community to help the people access the construction parts and materials. In addition, we have a Dump Truck of 7m3 which can facilitate transportation of construction materials for the people in the community. If you want to join us also in our construction activity, please let us know about it and we will send more information to you. Thanks a lot in advance for willing to get involved with APF in the rebuilding up of the country