Our Agricultural Program

As you know it, in Fondwa, Agriculture is linked with animal husbandry. One of the recent APF experience is to help the farmers to become Agricultural Entrepreneurs so that they can increase their income generating activities. We give to the farmers an investment package including: seeds, technical assistance and some money. We have put in place a structure to purchase back from them about 70% of their production and add values to it. In this process, the farmers reimburse to us the amount of money that we gave them when they sell back their harvest production to us. We did have a Food Security Project like that in 2013 financed by Caritas Italiana which was successful at about 75%. Beside that, in Fondwa we focus a lot in reforestation because Fondwa is highly deforested. In the last ten years APF has planted more than 500,000 trees in Fondwa. We want to continue with this planting trees experience as much as we can. But, we do need more financial resources to move forward with it. We want to extend an invitation to our international visitors who are coming to visit with us in Fondwa to participate with us in our Reforestation Project by planting at least 10 trees while being with us in Fondwa. If you want to join us also in this project, please let us know about it and we will send more information to you. Thanks a lot in advance for willing to get involved with us.